Environmental Policy

Part of our water for production is captured in the Ave river, passing through the Water Treatment Plant, where, through chemical processes, it is treated in order to guarantee its quality for use in the production chain.

The Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant – 100% Biological – guarantees compliance with the environmental legislation in force since all the water from our production and sanitary facilities is directed to the WWTP where, through: oxygenation, decantation, filtration, among others; the water is treated before being returned to the Ave river.

Energy (gas and electricity) deserves particular attention from Iberodye, due to what it means for the country – both for its financial and ecological weight.

Our attention translates into the performing of energy audits in order to comply with the law, identifying all points where there might be made more energy savings.

All of our waste: paper, plastics, used oils, threads from fibers, etc. – are separated and sent to the competent receiving entities. Atmospheric measurements of the chimneys are carried out periodically, in order to comply with the norms related to the protection of the environment and at the same time improving the efficiency of the machines and reducing their environmental impact.

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