We dye all types of yarns, knits and textile compositions. Our equipment, with capacities between 10 and 1250kg by dyeing, automates the consumption of water and energy with a view to reducing them and minimizing human errors.

We only use dyes of the highest quality selected for their pigment and consistency, as well as for their environmentally friendly composition, which subsequently allows their elimination from the water used in the production chain.

Our squeezer/opener with tank and washing jets allows, up to 60% better removal of the residues from the meshes with enzymes, compared to traditional machines, improving the presentation of the finished product.


The knits finishing process aims to improve and ennoble the visual and touch characteristics of the textile material. As such, we have technology and equipment for the application of different treatments and finishes, such as:




Carbon Emery

Sanfor / Compact

Treatments: anti-shrink, anti-fire, antifungal, aromatization, silk hand, super wash, waterproofing, compaction, calendering;

Quality Control

Iberodye has a quality department specially focused to guarantee the strictest possible and compliance with the specifications requested by our customers. Equipped with the highest technology, Iberodye has the capacity to internally carry out the most diverse tests and reproduce in the laboratory all colors in the most varied compositions in yarns and fabrics.

Our entire quality department is supported by specialized EAS software that allows a complete monitoring of the entire process from entry into warehouse to delivery to the customer.

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